Chino Albertoni

Travel Photographer and Journalist

chino albertoni

Carlos W. Albertoni, better known as “Chino Albertoni”, is a Photographer and Journalist for National Geographic. A tireless traveler and a master in the art of storytelling through images and words.

Born in England, he has lived in Argentina since he was a child. To date, he has traveled the five continents as a backpacker and on scheduled itineraries for articles published in National Geographic and other media in which he collaborates, such as the newspaper La Nación, Clarín and Lonely Planet.

He transmits to others his love for photography through courses, seminars and the organization of Travel Photography Workshops.

He has a great passion for writing and several published books, including ” Latidos “, which brings together images and experiences from his most beloved adventures.

Spoken Languages: Spanish (Native)