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During these past few years we have been fortunate to venture to the most remote and extraordinary places in Argentina. Accompanied by groups of passionate people and photographers, of all kinds. Lovers of Landscape, Portrait and Wildlife.

The beauty of the country and your enthusiasm motivate us to accomplish our work, along with a great passion for Photography.

These are our testimonials, just some of the reviews we have received over time.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported this project from the beginning and continues to do so!

"Spent 3 hours with Nicholas and a lovely pair of dancers photographing in several Buenos Aires neighborhoods. Pre-session, Nicholas was exceedingly prompt with his responses to my email questions. During the shoot he exhibited a sincere interest in being certain that the experience was meaningful to me. He offered technical advice that was helpful. This was probably one of the finest photo experiences I've had. Nicholas is more than five stars!"
John (USA)
"The group had an excellent time with Nicholas. He showed us his favorite places around Buenos Aires during golden, blue, and twilight. He was patient and help us with composition, exposure, and lighting. I would highly recommend him for anyone with limited time in the city and interested in quality photos."
Rudy (USA)
"I went on a Photo Tour with Nicholas! It was such a great experience! I not only learned a lot about Buenos Aires. Nicholas made it happen that my camera and I became friends. I got inspired to experiment more with my camera! Thank you so much, Nicholas, I will come back for a Photo Trip in Argentina!"
Manuela (Germany)


"Traveling to the 3 Punas of Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca with Sebastián was an unforgettable experience. He has been always kindly and helpful during the workshop, guiding us through remote places in the middle of the Andes mountains and helping us with tips on landscape photography. It was an exciting adventure!!"
Daniele (Italy)
"I realized the trip to 3 Punas. Excellent in all aspects, from the organization (Eduardo and Nicholas) to our guides and photographers (Sebastian and Gabriel), very attentive and dedicated throughout the trip. Thank you very much. I highly recommend the experience and the tranquility of traveling with very professional people."
Sergio (Argentina)
"An amazing experience. We traveled through the Puna in Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy. Places, routes and landscapes, approached from the point of view of photography, waiting for the right time to get the best shot. Enjoying the trip and the company and knowledge of Sebastian. Highly recommended!"
Ariel (Argentina)


"Excellent WS in Patagonia!!! From the logistics throughout the workshop to the strictly photographic instruction. Luciano has a tremendous generosity and humility to share all his knowledge of the place and the photographic technique. Always attentive to the needs and questions of each of the participants. A true work team at the service of an unforgettable workshop. Luciano during the whole WS, Alejandro in El Calafate, Lucho, extraordinary guide in El Chalten, without forgetting Gustavo with the logistics of the camp. Extraordinary experience in a dreamed place".
Fernando (Argentina)
"Beautiful trip. We learned a lot with Dario. He is a genius both for what he knows and for the way he teaches it. The organization was impeccable as always. A pleasure every WS I do with Argentina Photo Workshops. Nothing but thanks."
Leticia (Argentina)
"I went to El Chaltén for the Autumn in Patagonia workshop. The Patagonian forest at its best. Luciano is an excellent teacher who motivates you to explore all the possibilities of the landscape and transmits his passion for photography and nature. Excellent team with Lucho, our mountain guide. Not to be missed."
Silvia (Argentina)


"This is the second photography trip I have taken with Argentina Photo Workshops. Nicholas, our photo guide, had eternal patience, the organization was excelent, and I shared it with unforgettable companions. I will keep getting to know places, beautiful people and taking pictures."
Mercedes (Argentina)
"The organization of the event was excellent, a beautiful place to hold it and the attention of all the staff was super nice. The incredibly generous teacher in her contributions and teaching, more than recommended, essential! I fully recommend it."
Analia (Argentina)
"Excellent experience, super human people full of warmth and emotions, willing to do anything to get the photos we want! Mega recommended, for amateurs and professionals!"
Chapi (Argentina)


"I went on a photographic trip and the truth is that I had such a good time, apart from taking pictures there is a lot of fun, there is always something to do and there is always something fun, a lot of walking, photography, nature, fantastic places and stories, adventures in which you have many anecdotes and it is difficult to forget them. With Nicolas I went to Epecuen, Colonia Menonita in La Pampa, Pardo Pcia de Buenos Aires and Martin Garcia Island, unforgettable experiences that we will surely repeat. And besides everything is that you meet a lot of people and stay with many friends!"
Gastón (Argentina)
"The paradise of the flamingos, in Miramar de Ansenuza (Laguna Mar Chiquita) is a trip not to forget... I did it in in June. The tour and the activities to the lagoon were spectacular!!! I really loved it. Photographing and being close to the flamingos is beautiful. Gustavo (the photographer) and Matias (the guide) are two excellent people, very committed to the expedition and very generous with their knowledge. Learning about the history of the place, the area of the sunken city after a great flood was very enriching. Thank you!"
Virginia (Argentina)
""We were accompanied by Cynthia, biologist, conservation ecologist and macrophotographer. She knew how to transmit us the passion for this type of photography from a perspective of respect for nature, with exceptional knowledge of the subject, professionalism and extremely pedagogical. She dedicated herself exclusively and permanently to accompany our learning process with great solvency and human quality."
Ana María (Argentina)

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