Workshops & Photo Tours in Argentina

Our Workshops & Photo Tours in Argentina are designed to offer you a Unique Travel Experience. Learn and improve your skills in the field and enrich your portfolio.

We take care of every detail and test the itineraries before proposing them. 

We believe in a work made with passion at a local scale. That’s why our Travel Photography Workshops are led by Local Professional Photographers. This is the only way we can offer you a truly unique experience.

During our Photo Tours in Argentina you may wake up at dawn one day to capture a beautiful landscape and the afternoon may find you immersed in a portrait session. Maybe ending the day photographing a huge starry sky.

The Lead Photographer will give you tasks to enhance your technical and creative skills.

During these activities we travel as friends, united by the same passion and always looking to get cover photos during the Best Light Moments of the Day.

This photographic research and the common desire to discover, approaching other cultures, pushes us to experience unforgettable moments.

Find out below our Workshops & Photo Tours in Argentina.

Each one is Unique and explores different photographic genres: from Portrait to Landscape, Wildlife, Cultural, Documentary and Photojournalism.


Looking for a Private Photo Tour?

We can modify the itineraries and duration according to your needs and travel dates.

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Puna Experience: Catamarca

The best of the Catamarca's Puna, with one of the world's largest volcanic craters and the pumice stone field.
7 days

4x4 Off-Road Adventure




6 reasons to Join our Photo Tours in Argentina


When traveling, it is important to be with the right people. During our photo tours in Argentina we travel in a relaxed and positive atmosphere, with open minded people, curious, united by one great passion.


We limit the number of participants from 6 to 9, depending on the workshop. This helps to have a less invasive approach to the communities we visit, a more united group and much more time for everyone with the leading photographer.


We always try, however possible, to follow less known itineraries, in order to offer an authentic and unique experience, in places unaffected by mass tourism.


Thanks to the experience of our local photographers, you will find yourself in the right places during the best light moments of the day.


Learning photography is like learning a language, constant practice is fundamental. In a workshop you will learn faster because you are doing what you really like and you do it during the whole trip, supported by the group. Practice, practice and, practice!


We want photography to be a means to create bonds. Not only in the group, but also with the communities we visit. We do this with a contribution, which helps us to leave a good footprint and thank the people who warmly welcome us.

What is a Travel Photography Workshop?

Find it out in this guide.

photographer in peninsula valdes

Unforgettable, every day is different. In my case we traveled to Puerto Madryn, to participate in the “Ocean Giants” workshop. An incredible experience, not only for the photographic aspect, but also for the beautiful group. Recommended for all kind of photographers!

Maxi (Ocean Giants)

Not only are the landscapes of the Puna to be photographed exciting every day of the excursion, but you also learn to see in a different way how to get the best out of your photographic shots. I would like to highlight the patience, humor and companionship of our lead photographer. I highly recommend it!

Fabio (3 Punas Adventure)

photographer in the argentine puna

This is the second Travel Photography Workshop I have taken with Argentina Photo Workshops. Excellent organisation and unforgettable companions. I will continue to know places, beautiful people and photographing!

Mecha (Wetland Gauchos)

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