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Interview with Red Bull Photographer Gustavo Cherro

In this interview we will get to know a member of the Argentina Photo Workshops Team: Gustavo Cherro, Editorial and Documentary Photographer based in Buenos Aires. An experienced Professional Photojournalist and Red Bull Photographer, Tour Leader and Educator. Lover of mountains and extreme sports. 

How and when was your Passion for Photography born?

During my childhood my father’s camera, a Canon direct viewfinder (absolutely manual of course), was of great interest to me. With the passage of time, I learned to use it, to focus, to expose.

After several years, during my adolescence, I found myself again with the need to make beautiful images during my first excursions to the mountains.

training session sailoring
Training session at Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina - © Gustavo Cherro

3 Photographers who have Inspired you along the way

There are so many photographers that have inspired me along the way, but if I had to pick 3 I would say:

Josef KoudelkaRobert Doisneau, and  Henri Cartier Bresson.

An anecdote, a memorable moment in your career as a Photojournalist

Rarely can we quantify the reach of an image.

To be aware of what it can provoke in a spectator is something we don’t usually have access to. We photograph, edit, publish and generally lose track of the scope of such creation.

Once, taking images of child malnutrition in the NOA, I photographed a family without resources, their young children had serious health problems, severe malformations, many of them the result of drinking contaminated water, these children lacked the necessary medical attention due to their marginality.

child malnutrition NOA
Child malnutrition in the NOA - © Gustavo Cherro

The national newspaper for which I worked decided to publish the images and they generated a great stir at the local level that ended up with the corresponding sanitary shipment for the affected families.

I felt useful, fulfilled and was able to witness firsthand what an image could achieve.

Tell us more about your Experience as a Red Bull Photographer

For more than 15 years I have had the honor and privilege of belonging to this beautiful family called Red Bull.

Its level of excellence has always forced me to never be satisfied with my work, to constantly train myself and to always go for more. Sharing travels, photoshooting and friendships with great photographers from all over the world is simply a gift that this family gave me.

Your favorite Photograph and the Story behind it

I honestly do not have a favorite photograph, but to avoid dodging the question, I could mention the challenge of accompanying Fernanda Maciel during her record speed ascent of Aconcagua.

fernanda maciel runner
Fernanda Maciel runs on the Aconcagua - © Gustavo Cherro

The physical and photographic requirements that that coverage demanded, undoubtedly put my capabilities at a high level of demand.

I was the only photographer with her and all the responsibility of taking the images fell on me, which added a heavy psychological burden and it was hard to rise to the occasion. Luckily, it was a success and I was very satisfied with the final work.

What changes has Photography brought to your life?

Undoubtedly, my life has been very different since photography has been part of my existence. It has changed my way of looking, of feeling, of thinking, of relating to people, of loving and above all, of projecting life.

I believe that in my case, the meaning of photography is to be able to live many lives in one, experiencing them all equally.

A suggestion for young photographers approaching Photojournalism

That they imagine photography as “everything” that comes after learning to use their equipment.

That while the technique is indispensable and necessary, what we do with it, what we decide to do with all that learning, is what at some point will become our way of looking.

Read, look at art, movies, listen to music, be informed, love, laugh and cry, your photographs will be a mixture of all that framed in a very subjective and personal vision.


Gustavo Cherro

Documentary & Editorial Photographer

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