Cynthia Bandurek

Macro Photographer and Biologist

Cynthia Bandurek

Cynthia Bandurek is an Argentinian Conservationist Ecologist, Field-Naturalist, Nature Photographer, and Artist.

She has worked for more than eleven years at the Natural Science Museum and two years at the Darwinion Botanical Institute in Buenos Aires. She participated in Conservation Projects in Argentina.

She is the author of the book: “The World of Small – An approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual, and evolutionary perspective.” Cynthia is also Paws Trails Explorers Magazine’s Editor for South America and Nature First Photography’s Ambassador.

In January 2021, Cynthia moved to Costa Rica, a paradise of biodiversity, to pursue work in conservation biology and visual storytelling.

Enter Cynthia’s little big world, discover her amazing work in Macro Photography.

Spoken Languages: Spanish (Native), English (Fluent)

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